Bobcat S650 skid steer review by Rcmax team

The Bobcat S650 is a skid steer loader with a vertical lift path and part of a new 600 series. Vertical lift is becoming more popular in the 1,350 to 2,200 pound class and  the S650 is just a bit bigger than this, at 2,690 pounds.

Compact machines can be challenging to work on when so many components have to fit in small space, and none of our reviewers gave high marks to any of the service access functions. Heinert in his comments singled out battery access as a particularly difficult task. Two of our anonymous reviews added some positive comments: one liked the interchangeable oil filters between different Bobcat models and the other said “They keep running with little babysitting.”

On the scorecards, nobody was overwhelmed with the horsepower. And fuel efficiency got one of the lowest cumulative scores. But many of the things that count — travel speed, balance and ride handling, the Bob-tach attachment changing system, truck loading and tractive effort—all scored well.

Reviewers clearly liked the cab and instrumentation. Visibility to the rear scored poorly, and several reviewers commented on this, but the design of a skid steer with its high rear end, makes rearward visibility difficult at best. Several reviews said they’d like to see a rear view camera.