Used bobcat

Tips for Buying a Used or Previously Owned Skid Steer

Buying the right piece of equipment is often the equivalent of digging for buried treasure, It takes a meticulous sort of mind, keen on research, experience, and more than a little exploration to find a diamond in the rough. When it comes to finding a good piece of used equipment — say a nice second-hand skid steer loader, for instance — the search can be even more difficult. But every cloud has a silver lining and in today’s volatile economy, finding treasure might actually be a little easier than you think.

Paint, Rust and Appearance
• Frame cracks or welds (look under the machine)
• Tire condition
• Hydraulic hoses
• Hydraulic controls
• Seating
• Seat belts
• Steering
• Front axle condition
• Parking brake
• Battery and cables
• Lights, if equipped
• ROPS/Canopy

• Diesel or gas
• Starting easy or hard
• Power to cycle the loader

• Smoke/no smoke
• Hoses, belts and radiator
• Air cleaners and filters
• Oil level and appearance

• Noisy or quiet
• Power
• Oil appearance

Loader Arms
• Cracks or welds
• Cylinders and pins
• Bucket and bucket teeth
• Boom hinge points loose or tight
• Boom pivot loose or tight